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About Us​

  Four years ago, a motely group of highschoolers bounded together, in Princeton New Jersey, to teach, mentor, and facilitate the growth of leadership skills among students. They established the PLE Toastmasters clubs, and continued to volunteer until college. They used materials from Toastmasters, a nonprofit public speaking organization, providing opportunities to learn, grow, and rise as leaders.


Our Mission

The biggest phobia in the world isn’t the fear of spiders, ghosts, or death: it’s public speaking. Over 70% of American adults suffer from speech anxiety. In an increasingly competitive academic environment, many have dismissed the need of public speaking. In reality, communication skills are imperative to not only academic growth, but also in creating opportunities much later in the future. As a result, many lack the confidence, experience, and ability to take lead. Only those who possess this valuable skill may thrive in society today. In creating this program, we hope to help those who fear this invaluable skill.

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Why Public Speaking?

Educational Opportunities

Thinking about studying in America or joining a private prep school? Are you applying to College? Public speaking is imperative in educational institutions. While academics are important, communication and leadership roles are also invaluable towards your resume. Can you speak eloquently in a classroom setting? Can you sell yourself effectively? You can also volunteer here at PLE an award that can also be put on your resume!

Easier Communication

Want to easily create friendships? Negotiate deals? Avoid those awkward conversations? These leadership skills aren't just left in the classroom, but used extensively throughout your life! Opportunities to speak are ubiquitous. From casual conversations to formal interviews, this course will teach you the basics on speaking effectively, allowing you to open conversations with confidence. You speak everyday.
Might as well get good at it!

Leadership Skills

Want to lead in any field you want? Take the highest positions in corporate companies? What about becoming entrepreneurs, lawyers, and politicians? Public speaking fosters leadership qualities! Whether your interests reside in STEM or Liberal Arts, public speaking will always be beneficial. From incorporating humor, enhancing presentation skills, and improvising speeches, this course teaches skills that set you up to lead past high school, college, and far into the future!

Our Team!

William W.

Branch Head

Rachael T.


Kevin Z.


Daniel S.

Coach/ Human Resources Director

Kathy Z.

Curriculum Developer

Sophia J.


Katie Z.

Curriculum Developer

Leo F.



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