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Princeton Education Experience offers a wide and diverse range of courses to meet the needs of different individuals. Our young tutors can also design special course content for you. We create custom curricula based on your requirements and preferences. Our young tutors volunteer to teach these lessons completely free of charge.

English Reading

These courses help students develop fluency in reading American English. We regularly use Raz-Plus, enhancing your vocabulary and comprehension while enjoying diverse stories. Let’s dive into the world of reading and discover the wonders that await us!


These math courses reinforce the topics covered in the standard public school curriculum from GK-G8. We typically use Khan Academy and Beestar for teaching. Additionally, we create custom courses to fit your specific curriculum.

Math Contest

This course challenges students with a passion for math using contest problems. It is a crash course in algebra, number theory, combinatorics, and geometry, geared towards the AMC 8/MathCounts level. 

Scientific Facts

This course covers essential principles in biology, chemistry & physics,  providing a foundation for understanding the natural world. Explore key concepts and discover more through website like Khan Academy and National Geographic.

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Environmental Science

This course introduces you to the basics of ecology, conservation, and sustainability. Learn how our actions impact the planet and explore ways to protect our environment. Let’s start this journey towards a greener future!


Welcome to your first coding lesson! Today, we’ll start with Python, a beginner-friendly programming language. 

Type the following code: print("Hello, World!")

Congratulations, you’ve written your first program!


In this course, we’ll explore key events, figures, and movements that have shaped our world. From ancient civilizations to modern times, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the past and its impact on the present. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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We’ll cover the basics: how pieces move, game rules, and beginner strategies. Whether you’re new or looking to improve, this lesson will provide a solid foundation. For more resources and practice, visit chess.com. Let’s begin your journey to chess mastery!

Basic Chemistry

This course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of chemistry, including atoms, molecules, reactions, and the periodic table. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the principles that govern the behavior of matter. Let’s explore the fascinating world of chemistry together!

Physics Intro

This course covers the fundamental principles of physics, including motion, forces, energy, and waves. You’ll learn how the physical world works through hands-on experiments and real-world examples. Let’s begin our exploration of the universe together!


Fun Art

Welcome to Fun Art! Unleash your creativity and explore various techniques, from drawing and painting to sculpture and digital art. Let’s dive in and have fun creating together!

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Public Speaking

Whether experienced or a beginner, this course will  work to improve both communication and leadership skills. For resources, we’ll be using the Toastmasters curriculum to facilitate your growth as a member. 

Course You Choose

You can choose any course you want to learn and like. Our young tutor can specially design the couse content for you; you just need to state your requirements.