The PLE Bucks County Branch is an innovative educational nonprofit dedicated to empowering individuals and transforming communities through equitable access to quality education. We specialize in enriching elementary school students (grades 1-5) in Mathematics and English, and are currently developing other subjects’ curricula as well! For the latest signup information, please visit the LinkTree below:

Outside Resources


Kelly Lao – General Manager

Kelly is a rising senior at Council Rock High School North. She joined the Princeton Learning Experience four years ago, with her passion of empowering students through education, she established the Bucks County Branch. Outside of PLE, she is part of her school’s Speech and Debate team, student government, and the varsity tennis team, and she is interested in pursuing math or computer science in the future. Kelly is super excited to be managing the PLE Bucks County Branch and can answer any questions regarding the program through her PLE email, [email protected], or through her personal email, [email protected].

Krithi Ramnath – Vice Manager

Krithi is a rising senior at Council Rock High School North who joined the Princeton Learning Experience three years ago to help Kelly with creating the Bucks County Branch. She is president of her school’s Orchestra and is one of the captains of the Debate Team. She also enjoys participating in the Science Fair with various Computer Science Projects. When she is not working on PLE projects, you can find her at the Archery range, performing dances, on the Wii, or playing the violin. She is excited to work with you and you can reach out through her PLE email [email protected] or her personal, [email protected]!

Marianne Moise – Head of HR

Marianne Moise is a student at Council Rock North who is especially interested in science. She participates in the Science Fair every year and finds great interest in chemistry and biology. Marianne enjoys volunteering around the community through the SHARE Club and the Interact Club as well as other various opportunities around her. In her free time, she plays the violin, the Guzheng and does archery. Marianne leads the Human Resources department at PLE and manages current and prospective teachers. You can reach her through her PLE email, [email protected] or personally at [email protected]

Daniel Lao – Head Coordinator

Daniel Lao is a rising freshman at Council Rock High School North. He joined the Princeton Learning Experience three years ago as a teacher and since has become a manager. Daniel loves playing tennis and competing in tennis tournaments. Daniel is also part of the Speech and Debate Club and frequently attends speech and debate tournaments. In his free time, he loves to run, play tennis, or solve Rubik’s Cubes. You can reach him through his PLE email, [email protected] or personally at [email protected].

Cymberly Tsai – HR

Cymberly is a student at Council Rock High School North and has been teaching with PLE since September of 2022. She is a member of her school Speech and Debate team as well as her school varsity swim team. Cymberly enjoys computer programming, swimming, and playing clarinet. As a PLE teacher, Cymberly strives to teach lessons worth learning for students to succeed academically and beyond. Feel free contact her through her PLE email, [email protected], or personally at [email protected].

Anagha Kannurpatti – PR

Anagha is a rising junior at Council Rock North High School. She has been a tutor for PLE for 3 consecutive sessions and is excited to join the team as Public Relations to ensure as many parents and students get to know about our free tutoring program! Aside from her duties in PLE, Anagha is an active tennis player, National Art Honors Society secretary, manager for Council Rock’s Education Equals Empowerment club to promote STEM to aspirational young minds, and hopes to pursue neuroscience in the future. She encourages that PLE’s students are challenged academically by the program’s qualified teachers, but also finds the program to be a safe space for learning to occur on an intimate level. Anagha is happy to answer any questions regarding PLE via her email: [email protected]

Joanna Wu – Curriculum Team

Joanna is a rising junior at Council Rock North High School. She loves math and science and hopes to have a career in STEM one day. Outside of school, she likes to play cello, read, and spend time with friends. She joined the Bucks County PLE Branch a year ago and has been teaching first grade reading for three sessions. She is excited to be joining the curriculum team because she believes a good curriculum is the foundation for enriching learning. She has designed the curriculum to be engaging and challenging while including the necessary topics that students should know for each grade. She is open to any suggestions about changes to the math curriculum. You can contact her at [email protected] or [email protected] to suggest improvements.


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