Princeton Learning Experience International School

Princeton Learning Experience (PLE) International School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit K-12 school registered with the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), USA. PLE helps youth and adults in the U.S. and other countries learn and develop advanced English reading/writing, STEM, liberal arts, and speaking skills via onsite or online classes, workshops, and communication media. PLE is located in the same city as Princeton University, a famous Ivy League school in the United States, and close to the American metropolitan cities of New York and Philadelphia. It has a high-quality educational environment and rich humanistic and historical resources.

Volunteer Registration

Our Youth Leadership Program offers volunteer opportunities for talented passionate youth to devote their time and talents to teaching and helping others. This program provides a supportive environment for the youth volunteers to develop passion, skills and leadership spirit for community services. 

Student Registration

PLE Youth Program offers free online tutoring classes of English reading, math and robotics taught by passionate and experienced high school volunteering students in the US.

Partnership News!

Princeton Learning Experience International School (PLEIS) has partnered with Giveducation in Texas to offer free online STEM courses to students from underprivileged families in Texas.